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How to Use Knowledge Search

The Knowledge Search is comprised of five filters, the Keyword, Category, Product, Modules, and More Options filters. The Category and More Options filters are used in every search. If no changes are made to these two filters then their default values are used. The other three filters are used to narrow the results of the search to a short and concise list. Below is a summary of the filters and a description of their function. 

  1. The first filter in the Knowledge search is the Keyword. The Keyword filter is used with the Category and More Options filter and/or in combination with the Product and Modules filters. The Keyword filter has its own option parameters (Full Text search and Title Only search) as seen in the figure below. The Full Text search is the default selection and searches for a Keyword match with all text and descriptions associated with a knowledge item. The Title Only search will only search for a Keyword match in the title of the knowledge item.


  1. The second filter is the Category. The Category filter is used with the More Options filter and/or in combination with the Keyword, Product, and Modules filters. The Category filter is a dropdown menu which allows you to search All Knowledge (default) or narrow your search to three main sub-categories (All Documents, All Knowledge Topic, and All HTML Links ). You can further narrow your search by selecting a lower level sub-category, as seen in the figure below, of one of the three main sub-categories. For example in the figure below you will only search for Knowledge Topics of SoftOrient.


  1. The last filter is More Options. The More Options filter is used to modify how the knowledge items are displayed. The "Title with short description" and "10 results per page" are the default values. You can select "Title Only" to display only the title of the knowledge item. You can also select the number of results per page you wish to display by changing the number in the number field. 

NOTE: When you select an HTML Link or Knowledge Topic to view, a new window will pop open. If you minimize this window and select another link or topic it will change the selected topic in the minimized window, but not open the window. It may seem like nothing has happened with your selection, but you just need to open the window by clicking on it in the taskbar.


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