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Dimensional Planner and SoftFit Analysis are a unique 3D CAD software tools (also a module within Origin’s CheckMate suite of software) designed for Engineers and Manufacturing Engineers responsible for the non-conforming parts process. Dimensional Planner provides an easy to use graphical interface to balloon part specifications and SoftFit provides precise dimensional data to analyze, approve or fit non-conforming parts measured by a manufacturer’s metrology labs regardless of what brand of CMM/software they use. The industry exclusive dimensional information our software can provide has many non-conforming parts process applications including product design, purchasing/supplier management, tool & die operations and manufacturing engineering. It is currently used by major manufacturers like Honda, GM, Chrysler, Lockheed Martin, etc.

What does Dimensional Planner do? As anyone will tell you that planning leads to success. Dimensional Planner allows a manufacturer's Engineers, APQP, Project Managers, Quality, and Process personnel to capture a part specifications, critical features in an electronic format. Thus Standardizing and communicating the plan to suppliers, internal departments, and customer.


What does SoftFit do? SoftFit™ gives your Engineers the information they need to approve or fix non-conforming parts and processes. SoftFit works with measured part results to provide vital information to simulate the Best-Fix or process adjustment to achieve a robust process with higher quality parts. As far as we know there is no similar product on the market that provides the precise dimensional information needed to analyze and fix non-conforming parts on the market today.

Our simple business proposition. Invest the resources to thoroughly evaluate and test Dimensional Planner and / or SoftFit™ in your environment with your real part opportunities”.

We invite you to challenge us with your expensive non-conforming parts problems – let us show you how well our software tools will work in your manufacturing environment before you buy it.


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