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Software a company purchases is no better than the support received with that software.  Origin International takes great pride in the support that is provided to their customers that purchase an annual support plan.  CheckMate has always been a customer driven software developed and enhanced for company requirements.

Origin continues to tap into the latest technology like webinars to provide on-going training beyond the standard training classes.  Any Webinar can be downloaded for viewing at your convenience.

Webex recordings of procedures are continually uploaded to the knowledge base available for download, so you can build your own library of recordings of support request demonstrations.

Webinar sessions can be held with individuals if needed to demonstrate a support request.


Per-Call Support Custom Support Plan Annual Support Plan


Annual Support Plan

Origin Software, specifically CheckMate and its associated software modules, is well documented in the documentation supplied at the time of delivery. However, the application of these products to specific problems can involve various approaches and techniques that only experience can teach.

Origin will use its best efforts to assist one designated trained operator in becoming productive in the use of CheckMate. In order to get the maximum performance from Origin Software, we recommend the purchase of Origin’s Annual Support Plan “ASP”  when purchasing the software. Origin’s ASP provides one designated trained operator with access to the application knowledge of the technical personnel of Origin.

Origin’s ASP also includes the provision of software updates at no charge during this term. This keeps your software current through changes in technology and up to date with the latest bug fixes and enhancements.

Support provided under the terms of Origin’s ASP shall consist of:

  • telephone support from Origin’s technical personnel during normal business hours

  • access to our BBS 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

  • email support

  • web access the knowledge base 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

  • Record a support incident and submit the recording to support

  • updates and enhancements to Origin Software as they become available from the developer.

  • webinar sessions on a regular basis

This Support is subject to the following terms:

Support shall normally be provided to one designated trained operator. In the event of an emergency, a back up operator may be specified. Support to untrained personnel will be charged at our standard hourly rates.

  • In the case of multiple seat installations, support must be purchased for all copies of Origin Software.

  • All prior versions of Origin Software must be returned to Origin after delivery of any update if so requested.

  • Support is provided for those programs with the serial numbers, encryption numbers and/or authorization numbers purchased.

  • Support will not be provided if an account payable to Origin is past due until the account is brought up to date.

  • Support is limited to the Origin Software for which it is purchased and shall not cover questions regarding hardware, operating systems, networking, integration, interfacing or non Origin Software.

Origin’s Annual Support Plan is available for an Annual Fee of 15% of the current Software list price. Subsequent yearly renewals are payable upon each anniversary date.


Custom Support Plan

Origin also offers a Custom Support Plan “CSP” in prepaid blocks of $5,500. Purchasers of CSPs are entitled to priority telephone and on-site support from Origin personnel at reduced rates.

2007 rates under the Plan are $100 per hour for application specialists and $140 per hour for systems consultants. A 1/4 hour minimum charge applies per phone call. A 2 hour minimum charge applies per site visit. Travel time, expenses and materials are charged to the CSP in addition to time.

Whenever possible Origin will combine visits in the same geographic areas in order to reduce the travel time charged to each customer.

Under Origin's Custom Support Plan purchasers receive the following benefits:

  • Priority response

  • Reduced hourly rate - 20% less than the Per-Call rate

  • Reduced minimum time per phone call or site visit

  • Reduced travel time when Origin is able to combine visits

Under this plan Origin will provide assistance regarding:

  • operating systems, data communication and networking;

  • hardware installation, configuration and repair;

  • plotter, printer and measuring equipment interfacing.

  • development of custom software routines;

  • specific applications of Origin Software.

  • operator training

Origin’s CSP can also be used to pay for classroom training at regular course rates. Origin will provide a monthly report of time, expenses and materials charged to the Plan. The plan is renewable in blocks of $5000.


Per-Call Support

Origin offers Per-Call telephone and on-site services of Origin's application specialists and systems consultants.

Per-Call support will be charged in the event of requests for software or hardware support that are outside of the terms of Origin's  Annual Support Plan.

The current rates for Per-Call services during regular business hours are $125 per hour for application specialists and $175 per hour for systems consultants. A 1 hour minimum charge applies per phone call. A 3 hour minimum charge applies per site visit. Travel time, expenses and materials are charged in addition to time.



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